Sunday, March 19, 2006

TrimWorks: (n)/ : Really Good Carpentry

Hi, and welcome to TrimWorks. First, thanks for visting, and hopefully you will get some sort of good from your visit. Being from the south, we must first make introductions.

The Crew:
<- This is Jeff(a.k.a. The Scientist). He goes by Fluffy. He takes care of painting, prep, and making sure I never get to relax. Ever. He has no brain-mouth filter, and is our main source of entertainment. Here he is on a roof, showing off the goods. As it happens, the person above him actually getting some work done is me. Classic. Fluff also serves as T-shirt maker, part-time romeo, coffee-fetcher extraordinaire, dog-trainer, and one day, will be a decent nailer of sticks. He has aspirations of piratehood, inclinations of dolphin-ness, and is also a master scuba-diver.
<- Another pirate-to-be, Corey (The O.G. of pirates) is Jeff's partner in piratehood, loves to boat-shop, and is prone to sunburns after too much grog. Corey is our master of the "rig" and has been known to spend hours to properly cover cubbyholes. He has been known to build modern furniture on his lunch breaks. He has no fear of heights, lives on mexican salads, and is most famous for the coining of the term "C-Worker" - the dubious title we all hold, along with our college diplomas.

<- This is Taylor, also known as "The Dink". In the background is D Vann - laziest man alive, and our future legal counsel, provided he gets out of law school. Dink drives a nuclear-powered Tacoma, loves "Tha Griz" and freaks out randomly. He also is the second-most whipped guy in Mississippi. The judges are still out on number 1. Dink loves to run sanders, caulk, spackle, and talk about how badass his truck is. Oh, and talk on the phone to his girlfriend. He enjoys big burritos, diet coke, long haired dachshunds, and cleaning jobsites. He holds the title of "The Monica Sellis of construction". Don't ask. And the chief moron - me. I try to keep this herd of cro-magnons in line, show them what NOT to do (Read: nail-gun on thumb= bad) and try to keep us out of jail and bankruptcy. I started building things at around age 2 with my grandad, and just kept on going.

Ok, now that you know everyone, we would like to take a bit more of your time to show off what we can do. Our sign (on the sides of the tool trailer) reads: Trim, Cabinets, General Contracting, Decks, Gazebos, Additions, Porches, (you get the idea).
I am (believe it or not) a licensed residential builder in Mississippi, and in theory, am able to build a whole house from scratch. However, because i am also a stubborn person, we pretty much stick to carpentry. As of now, we have done:

<- This Deck

1 Foundation (sorry no photos - its under a house anyway)
Trim (7 doors, baseboards, casings and windows)
Siding (Hardi-Plank) - see photo of Fluffy
A set of custom Stairs (Photos to come)

Custom Newel posts and balusters for stairs

<-A custom TV Cabinet. built around a 42" Dell Plasma. Too bad we didn't get visitation rights in the contract. Birch plywood with Poplar stock for door and face frames

We have bids out for:
an Elevator (residential)
Custom birch cabinets in a house
Brazilian Cherry vanity
Custom trim-out of antique house
15'x20' Gazebo with Timber-frame and cypress doors

We do all of our own designs, with a few stolen from magazines/books, etc, but neverthless shamelessly claimed. All the work is done in-house, and we proudly stand behind it - or go running for the hills, depending on the outcome.
Well, for the time being, that's all, but check back often for more photos, work examples, and C-workin' good times.

- TrimWorks Crew