Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Rave Reviews

So after nervously sending out surveys to my clients from last year, I learned that some of them actually like the work that we did! Ha!
And because the combination of spring fever and slow business and the fact that I am a shameless self promoter, I decided to put a few of them up here on the site. (but only the good ones)
Diane Lott, of Marietta says:
"Excellent Job Always - would recommend to everyone. Always shows up on time, stays in touch, and completes on jobs with complete professionalism! You can count on him to do a professional job and stay on budget. Just hope he never moves away."
- Actual verbatim letter

Brenda Moreshead of Alpharetta says:
"Our job designed and completed by TrimWorks was professional from the point of contact. Darwin is very skilled and professional. Out project is unique and continuously recieves excellent reviews from friends and relatives. I love the custom work. My only reservation about referring him to the neighbors is having them duplicate our bathroom."
- Actual Verbatim Letter

So you see folks, I actually do good work, and have plenty of people out there who will vouch for me as well. I am also very slow right now, as I am waiting on HOA approval for a job at the Sugarloaf Country club, and would love to get a project in between now and then.

I also noticed that my contact info is not very available - I am working on that, but give me a minute or two - I am a carpenter, not a web guru.
So get in touch, and lets get that something awesome into your house!!