Saturday, April 01, 2006

<- Jeff, completely whacked on BriWax Fumes. He should wake up by wednesday or so..... Hopefully you like what you have seen thus far, and are bursting with ideas which you would love to see implemented in your place of residence. To further inspire you, here are a few more pictures of things recently accomplished. A built-in Kitchen-Aid Fridge with antiqu cypress wine rack and open storage. Top cabinet is under construction, and will be mounted and finished later today. Photo on right is a detail of the top cabinet.

A few more pictures of work recently (sort-of) completed.

<- A custom Door casing from select pine stock with casing, backband, and rosette blocks.
Somwhere on here (I can't get the formatting to line up right) is a picture of some nice 7" Crown molding. Its the one with the light blue walls.

the cypress cabinet evolves a little more.
I have fallen in love with Kreg's Rocket Pocket as a way to make doors. Aspiring lazy woodworkers should get one. Door joints are now doable, even for an idiot like me.

Rainey, our part-time shop dog. Covered in Planer shavings. Supervisory wages include bones, pig ears, and occasional Wendy's fries

<- Raw antique Cypress becomes finished cabinet face frame and doors.

So, we hope you like our style, and hope you will be in touch as well, mostly tyo prevent our return to homlessness and vagrancy, and keep Jeff's love for paint fumes fed.

Our contact information is as follows.
TrimWorks, Inc
4551 Gautier Vancleave Road
Suite B
Gautier, MS 39553
228.366.0240 (voice)
228.497.5156 (fax)