Sunday, August 12, 2007

First custom furniture build

Ok, so I got a couple folks here to let me build them a small piece of furniture for their kids to sit in and cover in jello, cheeze whiz, and whatever it is that yuppies feed their kids.
The design was inspired by a table in an old Fine Woodworking, and was built of curly magnolia, which I recovered and had sawn here locally.

So, what that means is that this bench was once a standing tree on Mathieson Drive, and now is sitting in a kitchen in the suburbs. Kinda cool.

The bench is finished with a BriWax Liming Wax, which gives it a neat white color, and really brings out the flame and quilting patterns in the wood. Hopefully the pictures do it justice.
Anyway, take a look at the pictures, and figure out what I can come build at your house - I know you have a project you have been trying to sell you spouse on....................I'm not THAT expensive.....
- DC

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Changing Gears

Hey there!
I bet you are wondering where in the world I have been, and what has been going on.......hopefully.
I have changed gears in construction, and have decided to move towards more outdoor projects, and garden type structures. To foster this move, I have made a new Garden Structures Website/blog to shamelessly promote myself and the projects we have done.
So check it out, and don't forget to swing by and see Stuart and Co at Botanica Atlanta to see what they are up to.
Take a peek, and shoot me an email if anything looks interesting.
- Darwin

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Rave Reviews

So after nervously sending out surveys to my clients from last year, I learned that some of them actually like the work that we did! Ha!
And because the combination of spring fever and slow business and the fact that I am a shameless self promoter, I decided to put a few of them up here on the site. (but only the good ones)
Diane Lott, of Marietta says:
"Excellent Job Always - would recommend to everyone. Always shows up on time, stays in touch, and completes on jobs with complete professionalism! You can count on him to do a professional job and stay on budget. Just hope he never moves away."
- Actual verbatim letter

Brenda Moreshead of Alpharetta says:
"Our job designed and completed by TrimWorks was professional from the point of contact. Darwin is very skilled and professional. Out project is unique and continuously recieves excellent reviews from friends and relatives. I love the custom work. My only reservation about referring him to the neighbors is having them duplicate our bathroom."
- Actual Verbatim Letter

So you see folks, I actually do good work, and have plenty of people out there who will vouch for me as well. I am also very slow right now, as I am waiting on HOA approval for a job at the Sugarloaf Country club, and would love to get a project in between now and then.

I also noticed that my contact info is not very available - I am working on that, but give me a minute or two - I am a carpenter, not a web guru.
So get in touch, and lets get that something awesome into your house!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Vertical TV Breakroom

After a few jobs in the house of R. & D. Lott, they finally let me install the break room in their new office. R&D are part owners in vertical TV, TV for business and needed a place to brew coffee, listen to Jimmy Buffet, and store leftover pizza and beer from the guys. (I'm not kidding), so they hired me to do this simple kitchen. Nothing fancy, but a good start.

Other Projects: I am hereby announcing the launch of Atlanta Garden Structures, my newest and hopefully sucessful venture. We will be (and are already) building things like custom Pergolas, Decks, window boxes, arbors, trellis (s), and decorative gates.

With a little luck, some good salesmanship, and a bit of finagling (my specialty) we will have some custom window boxes for sale at Boxwoods of Buckhead, and maybe even a pergola or two.
Anyway, look for a website link in a day or two, and let me know what you think!
- TrimWorks Crew

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mirrors and such

lately we have been busy with a laundry list of other projects that need to be done at the house of the huge (read: heavy as hell) Iron Doors.
A couple more photos of some mirror installs, and hopefully one day, we can actually have a photo of the finished door, providing it ever gets out of the shop. ha.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Iron Door

Many thanks to Keith for this newest project. Over the past couple of days, we have installed the door you see here. It is about 15 feet high, and made of wrought iron and glass. The thing was heavy enough that we had to get it in place with a mini trackhoe, which was what we will call a "high-pucker factor" installation. However, as you can see it was a sucess, and the door, glass and inner doors went in quite well.
Keith in in the process of renovating his home, and in my humble opinion, this makes a great addition; if you want one in your house, it can be obtained and installed by us. Just shoot me an email and we will get the ball rolling.
- TrimWorks Crew

Monday, February 05, 2007

Spring, 2007

Hello Atlanta!
Having been here since august, and learning some very important lessons, like: stay away from 400 on fridays, I must say I like the area, and business has been improving greatly.

After a small sabbatical into the commercial arena, I am back in the residential game.

Announcing: we are beginning to offer a new product line in the form of custom-made cypress pergolas! I as a lumber broker get great prices on the lumber itself, and the demo model turned out great! (Please see picture). It is actually up for sale right now, and will be about $4000 installed. If you are interested, please send me an email at and we can get something together. I can also just sell you the lumber. Just email for that one.

Licensure Issue: I have recently learned that GA has instituted a licensure program for residential contractors. Because I have a license from back home, I am currently in negotiations with Georgia to grant me a reciprocity license, which will let me avoid another boring class and a bunch of unnecesary fees. If anyone has concerns, please don't hesitate to voice them.

Other Projects: I am looking for some more fun decks to build. I recently found a great source for Ipe, or brazilian walnut, which, in my humble opinion, makes some of the most beautiful decking. I can get some wholesale pricing, but please understand that it is a high-end item and commands high prices. I will have those up shortly. I have also recently moved into a shop in Peachtree Hills, (small, humble, but hey - I love it), and have done my first run of some display stands. They went really well, and if anyone (small business owners - hello!) needs some limited custom shop work done for a fair price, please let me know - I love having shop work, as it cuts down my commute. (but I will deliver a finished product).

Anyway, thats it for now - I have to go build some things to pay the internet bill, so dream up a project and get in touch! spring is coming, and I want to be outside, not on the computer typing! I also want to take another trip. The picture here is a butcher shop in Italy - they make a great sausage and cheese plate. I went with my dad, and had a great time. Let me build your deck, and I'll bring you a few recipies!

- Darwin