Saturday, April 14, 2007

Vertical TV Breakroom

After a few jobs in the house of R. & D. Lott, they finally let me install the break room in their new office. R&D are part owners in vertical TV, TV for business and needed a place to brew coffee, listen to Jimmy Buffet, and store leftover pizza and beer from the guys. (I'm not kidding), so they hired me to do this simple kitchen. Nothing fancy, but a good start.

Other Projects: I am hereby announcing the launch of Atlanta Garden Structures, my newest and hopefully sucessful venture. We will be (and are already) building things like custom Pergolas, Decks, window boxes, arbors, trellis (s), and decorative gates.

With a little luck, some good salesmanship, and a bit of finagling (my specialty) we will have some custom window boxes for sale at Boxwoods of Buckhead, and maybe even a pergola or two.
Anyway, look for a website link in a day or two, and let me know what you think!
- TrimWorks Crew