Sunday, August 12, 2007

First custom furniture build

Ok, so I got a couple folks here to let me build them a small piece of furniture for their kids to sit in and cover in jello, cheeze whiz, and whatever it is that yuppies feed their kids.
The design was inspired by a table in an old Fine Woodworking, and was built of curly magnolia, which I recovered and had sawn here locally.

So, what that means is that this bench was once a standing tree on Mathieson Drive, and now is sitting in a kitchen in the suburbs. Kinda cool.

The bench is finished with a BriWax Liming Wax, which gives it a neat white color, and really brings out the flame and quilting patterns in the wood. Hopefully the pictures do it justice.
Anyway, take a look at the pictures, and figure out what I can come build at your house - I know you have a project you have been trying to sell you spouse on....................I'm not THAT expensive.....
- DC

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